Massage by Joema

Authentic Tantra Massage

Pure Tantra means a wide dimension of respect, intimacy and spirituality. It goes beyond limited personal emotions.

The energy flow, vitality or life energy is touched and activated in its deepest essence.  In this way I can guide you to a broad ecstasy.

Who am I ?

My Asian-Korean roots give me an innate sense of beauty and sophistication, with a physicality which can perform gently, smoothly and powerfully.

Through the 15 years of Zen training I got to know the quality of Silence. It feels both Empty and sizzling, full of potential vibrations.  I wish to transmit this to you during your massage.

Therapeutic training have taught me to understand you deeply. In this way a true connection can be established between us based on trust and safety.

Years of Tantra massage training revealed to me the mysterious secrets that intimacy, sensuality and touch can bring about. It has made my Life meaningful.

I am convinced that my mission can touch and move you, to be guided to unknown inner landscapes and cosmic experiences …

Is Tantra massage interesting for you?

Are you someone who feels good about yourself, your vital energy can flow freely?  With tantra massage I can offer you NEW unprecedented experiences that are not yet common in the West.

Are you busy and stressed, are your muscles tensed due to a sedentary occupation or a lot of sport trainings ? First I will give you a deep muscle-relaxing massage, you can release stress, you feel more space in your body, then the massage goes on to activating  your energy circulation and Tantric touches bring you to deep silence and tranquility.

Would you like to feel more freedom in your sensuality  life?  Are there inhibitions in your intimacy?  I give Tantra massage with the essential care and respect for your limits and safety.  Step by step, you can physically or mentally melt your frozen energy and start flowing. Your life changes and you feel more happiness.

Does your skin need closeness, touch and security?  “Skin hunger” is not exceptional and may have been present in your life for a long time. Tantra massage gives you an abundance of what you miss.

How does your Tantric massage work? 

In a conversation we test “how and where” you are, what your expectations are and how I can respect your limits.  Then a short guided meditation follows while sitting, to give us mental rest and to prepare us for the massage. We perform a contact ritual so the Tantra dimension arises. You stretch out on the futon. With warm oil I massage your entire backside and your frontside.  After the massage there is time to integrate your experience.

Practical info for Authentic Tantra massage:

Tantra massage for 60 minutes is complete, compact and powerful.

Ideal is 90 minutes … 120 minutes is the Ultimate!

Prices :

60 min  >  Authentic Tantra €  120

90 min > Authentic Tantra €  170

120 min > Authentic Tantra €  220

Location : Antwerp

For more information please call : 0496 53 18 00

Please also read the appointment conditions.